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Konnyaku Rice - こんにゃくライス

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Product Name: Konnyaku Rice 商品名: こんにゃくライス
Price/100g: Rp. 29,000 価格/100g: Rp. 29,000
Size: 400 g - 1 kg サイズ: 400 g - 1 kg
Product Feature: Vacuum Pack 商品特徴: 真空パック

Simply mix with rice and cook it, you can easily reduce calorie from daily meal!

If you mix 1/4 of rice, you can cut about 40% of calories.

It is also rich in dietary fiber and also to improve the intestinal environment!

IDR 330,000 / kg Because it swells about four times, even if you take it every evening it corresponds to about a month's worth.



Rp 330,000/kg 約四倍に膨らみますので、毎晩召し上がっていただいても約一月分に相当します。

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