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Golden Threadfin Bream

Golden Threadfin Bream

Name: Golden Threadfin Bream / Itoyori Dai
Classifications: Perciformes / Nemipteridae
Length / Size: Reach 30 cm
Taste: Tender tasty white meat
Fishing Zone: Coast of Java sea
Process: Factory direct processing of fresh morning caught

On the slim-shaped fish are beautiful pink color on his back. From head to tail there is also a gold-colored stripe. When the fish are swimming, the gold-colored stripe appears flickered and each roll like golden thread twisted, because that's why you want to call it a fashionable fish.

The soft fleshy skin of the fish is taste so delicious, the skin can be left alone when making stew dish, fried (Tempura), western cuisines namely Escabeche (Nambanzuke western style), and etc.

Obtained Golden Threadfin Breams were transported to processing factory, and cut into fillets and then frozen at -40 degree celsius. Its scales and bones have been removed, thus it can be cooked directly. 1 fillet is weighing about 30-50 g, thus its size very convenient and practical for cooking.