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Name: Octopus (Ocellatus Octopus) / Tako
Classification: Octopus Vulgaris
Length / Size: up to 3 Kg
Taste: Crisp texture with a hint of sweet taste
Fishing Zone: Coast of Java Sea
Process: Factory direct processing of fresh morning caught.


The octopuses in Java sea were caught by using large octopus traps. Baby octopuses were caught in the Java sea are mainly small Ocellatus Octopus type, its appearance and taste are similarly delicious with Ocellatus Octopus in Japan. However, its eggs are smaller compared to the Japanese.


Octopus goes very well with any high-end cuisines. Fried, grilled, seasoned with vinaigrette, or eaten with Oden are also delicious. 


For small octopus, internal organs, eyes and beak were discarded. Whilst, big size octopuses were simmered over low heat boiling water, then legs and head were cut off. Big size octopuses are suitable to make Sunomono, Takoyaki and Tako Meshi. While small size octopuses are suitable for Sakurani and fried dishes.

Our product does not through the process of salt water absorption. Thus, you can enjoy its original texture.