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Founder's Message

Nice to meet you, began fishmonger. Wada representative.

Surabaya and I am allowed to do the fishmonger's in Jakarta.


Spent his childhood in Jakarta, the junior and senior high schools and universities in Japan, after graduation as a charge of with Sakanano purchase of Southeast Asia in the fisheries trading company, he had been in charge of Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

When I was living in Jakarta seafood is hate, had been eating only chicken.
When I go back to Japan impressed by the taste of fish! As it is fish like to (laughs)
and Indonesian fisheries situation as seen after the trading company joined was not very good.

Ice is left in the sun without using, wash the fish in turbid seawater of the fishing port.
May thing exports in under such circumstances, was turning the thing is not the exports for the country.

I wonder if my younger Japanese school is still eat this fish. . . .
I would go home to Japan surely thought I not delicious Indonesian fish. . . . We decided to do a fishmonger from the think.

How the storage of fish, methods of fishing, tell the fishermen how to tighten, together out fishing, was looking for a thing may be the better price than the market.
It has created a safe product delicious and easy-to-use processed and frozen in our factory located right in front of the sea.
The factory also get the HACCP while small, is a factory that made ​​exports to Japan.
Also adhered to the fishing area, frozen products are limited to those that were caught on the beach in front of our own factory other than a fishing village there is only a place from Surabaya about 6 hours.

Fishermen in the morning of 4 o'clock departure by boat of 3 ~ 6m, early when you come back in the morning of 6 sometimes.
Fish will have been carried in the best freshness no room to use formalin, etc. in question.
The first is more and more showed committed to it interesting that no fishermen who care about such as freshness, also sometimes it is severe eye to see the fish than me (laughs)

Please try the delicious fish full of thought and a lot of insistence.