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SquidName: Squid (Spear Squid) / Yari-Ika
Classification: Squid
Length / Size: Reach 30 cm
Taste: Strong sweet flavor with supple and creamy texture.
Fishing Zone: Coast of Java Sea
Process: Factory direct processing of fresh morning caught.


Squid can be caught in any coastal areas around the world, and it is one of the world-famous seafood. In Indonesia, catching squid during night time using lights and single rod are widely applied. Although it’s been frozen, the texture and its taste would not dissolve, due to its strong membrane cell. 


Fry, grill and boil. When it serves as sashimi, the thin skin should be properly peeled and sliced ​​vertically from top to bottom.


In sa ka na ya, we only select the very fresh squids. The live squid was immediately cleaned and frozen. Thus, its freshness and hygiene are preserved. For this quality, it can be served as sashimi at home.

Large squid can be served as sashimi, grilled or deep-fried. Whilst, small squid (baby squid) can be directly dipped into hot boiling water and eaten with Sumiso (Vinegar and miso dressing), it is so delicious!