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Ebi Fry - エビフライ

Ebi Fry - エビフライ

  • 85.00000

Product name: Ebi Fry  商品名: エビフライ
Price/pack Rp. 85,000 価格/pack: Rp. 85,000
Size: 10 pcs (380 g)  サイズ: 10 pcs (380 g)
Product feature: Portion Cut 商品特徴: 柵

For cooking

Frozen Ebi fry from selected shrimp; an easy to prepare delicious meal for your loved ones. 

Cooking instruction

Remove from freezer and straight into hot pan with oil. Do not defrost. Fry for 3-4 minutes while turning sides to get an even cooking. 


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