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Bigeye Scad (Meaji Hiraki) - メアジ 開き- Kembung Banjar

  • 21.00000

Product Name: Bigeye Scad (Meaji Hiraki) - Kembung Banjar 商品名: メアジ 開き
Price/100g: Rp. 21,000 価格/100g: Rp. 21,000
Size: 40 g - 55 g サイズ: 40 g - 55 g
Product Feature: Frozen Butterfly Fillet (IQF) 商品特徴: バラ凍結

For cooking

Selected frozen Bigeye Scad Fillet / Meaji Hiraki. Boneless butterfly fillet. It can be eaten whole fish, except the tail. It is safe to be consumed by children.



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